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Desktop (and laptop) computers Choosing software - It’s all relative. Family History Monthly 103 April 2004 p62- 65. Absolute Beginners Your Family Tree 0005 December 2003 p18-21 Ancestral Quest v11, Family Tree Magazine Vol 20 No 7 May 2004 p41. Lineage-linked genealogy database. Incline Sofware. Family Tree Maker 2011. IT Reviews (online). Lineage-linked genealogy database. Avanquest. Family Tree Maker 2008 Computer Shopper and online Family Tree Maker 2008 Family History Monthly 152 January 2008 p59. Lineage-linked genealogy database. Ancestry. Family Tree Maker v11, Computer Shopper and online. Lineage-linked genealogy database. Ancestry.
PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) The 21stC Genealogist on the Move. Family History Monthly 152 January 2008 p60- 63. Windows PDA plus Sat-Nav and genealogical software including My Roots, and Pocket Genealogist. Genealogy in the Palm of Your Hand. Family Tree Magazine Vol 20 No.9 July 2004 p40&41. PalmOne PDA hardware plus genealogical software including GedStar, GedWise, and My Roots.
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